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I feel grateful for having a coaching session with Dr. Raja Yasmin when I was facing difficult times of my migration process to Australia. Being a good listener and very analytical person, she helped me find the best way to face my challenging situation and stay focused on my career and business goals. Dr. Raja Yasmin is a very talented woman with a beautiful heart, she is able to understand women’s challenges beyond nationalities and cultural barriers. 


Dr. Raja Yasmin is a phenomenal coach, but more than that she herself is an extraordinary woman, an outstanding mentor. She knows exactly what her clients need and gives many good questions. I loved to be coached by her. She inspired me, trusted me, helped me to explore my inner world, and encourage me to take action. Thank you so much Dr. Raja Yasmin for understanding, your kindness, and your tolerance

Bui Mai Hanh

Writer and Coach

I recently had a coaching session with Yasmin. When I started out I could identify I had a block, was unable to move it. Yasmin helped me identify what it was, and very swiftly helped me through it. Yasmin provided me a nurturing, safe space to do this in. I am extremely grateful for Yasmin, her time, skills, and understanding. I have been trying for years to identify and attend to this. Now I can start making decision and choices from a different place. It will help with my confidence and motivation


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Dr. Raja Yasmin is an accredited Meta Dynamics™  business coach, trainer, and speaker at EQBIZ Academy.

Having Coached and mentored numbers  of women, young girls, entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations in Australia and Malaysia, Yasmin brings an unparalleled passion to serving, supporting and championing her clients.

Join Yasmin and discover what it takes to make a difference, empower change, and achieve lasting fulfilment as as successful person and  entrepreneur

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