One on One Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching & Mentoring Package

What’s included:

◘ 1 x 60-minute private coaching session where we can both get clear on what makes you totally unique, what your biggest dreams are, and define what you want from the coaching/mentoring session

• 2 x 90-minute private coaching/mentoring sessions per month for 6 months or 12-month packages, for us to dive deep into what you desire, create concrete goals, and then devise an action plan for your business success

• Online library with jam-packed resources and tools, to assist your tasks in achieving your coaching and mentoring results faster. 

• Unlimited contact in-between coaching sessions via email, so you can hit me up with all your light-bulb moments/questions in between sessions

• Brain food, like resources, videos, tools, and worksheets to keep you motivated, lit up and moving forward between sessions.

You’re here on the planet to do something spectacular – it’s your time to step up!

Are YOU READY To Take the LEAP?

What happens in a coaching/mentoring session?

Before we begin working together, you’ll get the chance to brief me in on your story, your concerns, your wants – everything that will help me help you. I then use this as a framework for our coaching sessions together, but we’ll be able to keep things flexible. Other stuff comes up during sessions, so we’ll be able to prioritise as we plod along.

My sessions will be a blend of deeply present listening, curious and open questioning, and solid action planning. All with a big dose of epic LOVE, COMPASSION, TRUST AND CARE.

Want in?

How and where do we have our sessions together?

My coaching is done via online ZOOM meet up.


Do I have to be based in Australia?
I can work with you anywhere! Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, New Zealand, Vietnam, and many more. Don’t you just love technology? And the good news is, I can speak both languages of Malay and English.

How long do I have to coach with you?
Because you’re the focus of this program, you need to commit to the process! I recommend a 6-month minimum commitment to coaching, as this is where the success really lies. Once you’ve experienced how powerful coaching is, most clients continue with coaching indefinitely after 6 months.

I don’t want your experience to be so-so, or short-lived, or simplified. For these reasons, I don’t do one-off sessions. Do you want to grow wings? That takes time, girl! Success is not an overnight job, so expect fear, a bit of failing and falling, and a dedicated business coach to help you pick yourself right back up again.

Are you ready to commit and take action?