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From finding your niche and avatar, building irresistible offers, creating relevant content, finding clients, and mastering non-sleazy sales… we’ll show you how to take ground in your market even if you have no ‘marketing’ know-how.

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I feel grateful for having a coaching session with Dr. Raja Yasmin when i was facing difficult times of my migration process to Australia. Being a good listener and very analytical person, she helped me the best way to face my challenging situation and stay focused on my career and business goals. Dr. Raja Yasmin is a very talented woman with a beautifule heart. She is able to understand women’s challenges beyond nationalities and cultural barriers.


Sara Pulgarin

Dr. Raja Yasmin is a phenomenal coach, but more that that she herself is extraordinary woman, an outstanding mentor. She knows exactly what her clients need and gives many good questions. I love to be coached by her. She inspired me, trusted me, helped me to explore my inner world, and encouraged me to take action. Thank you so much Dr. Raja Yasmin for understanding, your kindness and tolerance

bui hanh

Bui Mai Hanh

I recently had a coach session with Yasmin, When I started out I could identify I had a hard block, was unable to move it. Yasmin helped me identify what it was, and very swiftly helped me  through it. Yasmin provided me a nurturing, safe space to do this in. I am extremely grateful for Yasmin, her time, skills and understanding. I have been trying for years to identify and attend to this. Now I can start making decision and choices from a different place. It will help with my confidence and motivation.

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Yasmin is a very knowledgeable and experienced marketing coach that really listens and tries to uncover your own personal strengths to help you achieve your goals. Her agenda is to see you feel heard and to guide you to your success. I am very grateful for the support and will continue working with her until I achieve my goal


Paula Arnott

You were simply outstanding. Mashallah sis, you gave us sooo much value this afternoon. I am still buzzing with excitement and energy. Allahuma Baarik.



Yasmin was exceptional. She made a very confusing topic for me into the light, she brought fun and clarity to the session and she demonstrated a genuine care in my ability to understand important concepts in marketing. You are AMAZING! Thank you.

fatima raad

Fatima Raad

Marketing Guru, Trainer & Speaker

Dr. Raja Yasmin is an accredited Meta Dynamics™ Marketing coach, trainer, and speaker at EQBIZ Academy.

Having Coached and mentored numbers of women, young girls, entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations in Australia and Malaysia, Yasmin brings an unparalleled passion to serving, supporting and championing her clients.

Join Yasmin and discover what it takes to make a difference, empower change, and achieve lasting fulfilment as as successful person and entrepreneur

“Commit to a niche and focus on it. Stop trying  to be everything for everyone

Are you


You have put so much effort on your website, landing pages, Facebook close group, email marketing, social media, spending so much money on marketing tools and applications ……………yet no one is interested with your offer.

You network, do cold calling, you learn every single marketing techniques that you can think of, you do, do and do… you’re wearing all the hats… running yourself ragged with a to-do list that never shrinks… overwhelmed with doing but not earning enough?

“Attract your niche by knowing deeply their pain point, desire, hope and dreams” TheEQBIZacademy

The #1 Reason Your Business is Stuck and Struggle to Make Consistent Income

Our story…

Many women feel overwhelmed building their own business…
Our step by step training helps our online community…
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