Hey, can I share something?

I know your frustration, your anger, and fear when your business is not taking off as you want it. You work long hours day and night. You feel overwhelmed. You are scared….. scared of failing….scared of being judged. You are tired and exhausted. Tired of doing but not growing! You earn more but you lose more too.

And NOW you are looking for a solution to solve it. This time, YOU JUST WANT TO MAKE IT WORKS! When you reflect over your business journey…….you just want

To have more customers and more sales

To ensure your investment is worth paying off

To do the right things that will generate income consistently

To gain financial freedom and not feeling stress about money

To reach time freedom of working less and gaining more

To have a healthy lifestyle and spend more time with your loved ones

To have a successful business that fulfills your dreams

When I started my journey as an entrepreneur......

No one knows what I do.  I have no customers and I’m almost broke.  I spent long hours day and night to ensure I can still bring food to the table for my 4 children.  I was very frustrated because whatever things I do in my business are all wrong! I keep on failing and nothing seems to be right.  I do, do and do but I keep losing money. It drives me nuts and I just want to quit. 

But I know, deep in my heart, I still have hopes and dreams.  I want to see my business flourish and become a legacy.  I want to become a role model to my children.  I want them to feel proud of me. I want to do something that fulfill me. And I know….this is not just about MONEY!

So, I started changing my mindset.  I seek help from the expert.  I learn, I grow, and I take action.  I implement the system and strategies consistently and persistently without fail.  I begin to see how the income starts to kick in.  I become more curious how I did it. I test and measure.  I created the ROADMAP and MODEL of my business success.  I found the secret.  I trained my clients using the same model and strategies and they gain the same result that I did. 

I finally understand, the business success must begin start with this one simple step!

Would you like to know the secret?


Who am I?

My name is Dr. Raja Yasmin.  I am an Accredited Meta Dynamic ™ Professional Business Coach, Trainer and Speaker from The Coaching Institute Australia (www.thecoachinginstitute.com.au), specializes in Business, Marketing and Entrepreneurship. I am a founder of The EQBIZ Academy, established in 2018. I obtained a Doctorate degree in Marketing and Branding from Monash University, Caulfield, Australia. I was born in Ipoh, Perak Malaysia and has been living in Australia for 13 years. 

My passion is learning and sharing knowledge.  I have 20 years of teaching experience in various universities, including Monash, RMIT and Deakin university. I am currently a lecturer and teaching associate at Deakin University, Burwood Campus Australia. My strength is in quantitative analytics subjects including Market Research, Marketing Decision Analysis, and Marketing Insights. I also have vast knowledge in Brand Management, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership. 

My Business Success Story

In 2019, I was awarded the FIRST EVER AUSTRALIA COACH OF THE YEAR.  After 47 years, I was finally recognised as a successful entrepreneur and business coach.  My stories were shared across various platforms and social media including HARIAN METRO news in Malaysia.  I’m now also an active guest speaker at various networking events, functions, and mastermind groups.

I conducted various trainings and workshops on entrepreneurship, marketing and branding, leadership, personal development and emotional intelligence.  I offered volunteering services at many non-profit organisations such as Wellsprings for Women, Dandenong and Pillars of Guidance Community Center. I have collaborated with Universiti Utara Malaysia in coaching 21 creative youthpreneur students who are aiming to win a RM5000 grant award from the university. 

After 15 years of running various businesses both in Malaysia and Australia, I finally established a coaching, training and consultancy business in Melbourne Australia.   I have coached and mentored female and young entrepreneurs, small businesses, universities and profit/non-profit organizations both in Malaysia and Australia.

My passion extended to pro bono coaching for disadvantage and isolated women. My mission is to support and empower women to become financial independent and establish a like-minded platform for entrepreneurs. 

Reading through my business success journey starting from -$5.00 in my bank account, and flourished to where I am today…..I have a strong believe 


How can I help you hit your target too?

Together with my team at The EQBIZ Academy, we are passionate to empower entrepreneurs from feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and not good enough, to someone who sees the greatest power in them to achieve what they dream for.  Our mission is to passionately educate you with simple strategies for building a sustainable business.  We want to make sure you gain a double income from what you invested.  We want to see that you become an expert in your industry.  

I know what you are thinking of.  Another gimmick, another false promise, another marketing…… 

That’s ok to feel this way because we don’t know each other that well yet! 

So this is what you need to know…..In The EQBIZ Academy, we believe in 3S – structure, strategy, and system.  We use a META DYNAMIC ™ proven research-based model that helps tackle your business performance.  This model has helped many entrepreneurs become successful in scaling and sustaining their businesses.

Through one-on-one coaching, group mentoring, training, and online courses, we believe in the results and transformation of our clients.  We will work closely to personalize your business plan strategically in line with your business goals. I know you are curious.  I know you have 1001 things in mind.  And I also know you desperately want to change your life.  You just want to see your business flourish and help you aim for the FINANCIAL FREEDOM that you deserve.

Claim your FREE 45 MINUTES BRAND ANALYSIS session and let me help you discover the gap in your business.